WW Wheat Hopper Wagon - 3D Printed - HO Scale

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140 WW hoppers where built between 1966 and 1967 to haul wheat by WAGR and later Westrail, until Cooperative Bulk Handling introduced their own locomotives and rollingstock in 2012. 

The Marbelup Models WW consists of a 1-piece 3D-printed body and an etched brass roofwalk which incorporate the ladders and handrails as a "fold-up" assembly (no soldering required).  Additional etched brass parts are also included for the corner steps and brake wheel.

 Available as a print in either Grey Pro Resin or Standard Clear and printed at either 0.05 mm layer height for best quality or 0.1mm layer height for economy.

Parts included

  • 3D printed WW wagon body
  • Couplers: Kadee #148 or #158
  • Brass Etched parts including walkway and steps

Parts Not Included

  • Bogies: e.g. "100-ton roller bearing" by Kadee part no 569 or 1569  or Tichy #3009 (1 pair) or #3036 (10 pairs)
  • Replacement Metal Wheelsets 36" diameter - if using Tichy bogies, e.g. Intermountain #40051 (4 per wagon).
  • Air Brake Hoses, e.g. Detail Associates #6206
  • Brass wire: 0.4 mm for handrails, etc.
  • Fixing screws: 2 x 2-56 x 8 mm (5/16") metal, 2 x 2-56 x 12 mm (1/2") nylon - (see below)
  • Glue, paint, decals

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