Set of 3 WFX/WQCX/WQTY Container Flat Car Decals - Water Slide Transfers - Set 2 - HO scale - (Also WSP/WFCS/WQC/WQO/WQA/RQHX)

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HO scale water slide transfers for the WFX/WQCX Series 1 Container Flat Car. Includes transfers for 3 flat cars with multiple options including 10 different numbers, spare numbers and letters to change these, 11 different speed restriction options, WAGR, Westrail and ARG logos, and wagon codes for the WFX, WQCX, WQTY, WSP, WFCS, WQC, WQO, WQA and RQHX.

All decals pre-cut with a 0.5mm offset to allow easier application.