WAGR Carriage Decals - Water Slide Transfers - S Scale

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3 sets of decals cover all the WAGR carriages that are currently available in S scale as kits from Westland Models, Rail West Models and GA models. The decals include nearly all numbers within these classes as well as additionl letters and numbers to further extend the classes. Each decal is pre-cut with a 0.5mm bufffer surrounding the artwork to make application easier. 

Set 1 includes 5" class letters and carriage number as found on the sides of the carriage along with spare letters and numbers to extend beyond that supplied. All classes/Carriage Numbers have 3 of each which provides 1 spare. Set 1 also includes the following decals "Car No.", "Luggage", "Guard", "Ladies Only", "Smoking" and "Non Smoking"

Set 2 includes the smaller 4" Class/No. lettering found on the frame and includes one spare of each class/No. as well as spare letters and numbers to extend the decals further. Additional decals include the smaller 2" class/No. found below the door on the ADF, AH, ARS and AZ.

Set 3 includes the following roundels: 1st, 2nd, "Gaurd", Mucky Ducks and the Royal Crest Other Decals include "Passengers are not allowed to stand on the platform", brake cylinder release markers and First and Second as text in old serif font and the newer sans-serif font.

Note this decal set is for WAGR era and not Westrail.