WFX/WQCX Series 1 Wagon - 3D Printed Kit - HO Scale

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This model of the WFX/WQCX Series 1 is a highly detailed 3d printed model with full framework underneath and checker plate on top along with many other details. The kit includes, separate brake hoses, brake spider wheels, bogies and Kadee couplers.

The WFX Series 1 was produced by WAGR between 1969 and 1970 as a flat car which could be fitted with stanchions or with removable clamps for securing container loads. The decks where later modified to replace the removable clamps with twistlocks. 

Between 1979 and 1982 the WFX wagons were reclassified to WQCX and a number of modifications and reclassification followed in later years.

Decals are sold separately with each sheet having sufficent decals to fully decal 3 wagons.